Up for sale are Super Street Fighter 4 & Marvel vs Capcom 3. Both are for the Playstation 3 & both are in mint condition. Pics below are of the actual games you will receive. I am asking $15 shipped for SSF4 & $20 shipped for MvC3. You may also choose to take both for just $30 shipped! I accept payment via PayPal & ship via USPS w/ delivery confirmation anywhere within the continental U.S. Thanks! :slight_smile:

SOLD to Angelic! DELIVERED! :sunglasses:
USPS 0310 2640 0000 9045 2390

Thanks for looking! :smiley:

I’m interested in SSF4 if you end up selling them separately. I can wait though.

Good luck with the sale!

Eperelez is a real cool seller!

I can vouch for Eperelez! Great seller

i can third that we have done alot of business with each other always a very ez transaction

They are now for sale separately.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Bump for price drops! :smiley:

its slow cause of evo

So true, but you should beat everyone while they’re not looking, like usual, LoL! You know I would give you a special price…:wink:
I know you probably already have them though. I do too. These are just extra copies I’m selling. :smiley:

yeah i have both for both sysyrms or i would def got them

Slight price drop & I’m also looking for a brand new iNPiN PS2 to PS3 converter for trade! :slight_smile:

I no longer need the iNPiN adapter. Also, I have added the option to purchase both games for $30 shipped! :smiley:

i’ll take it. sent a pm

Payment received! Thanks! :smiley: