Interested in the stick. PM sent

PM sent! :slight_smile:

I cant edit my thread title to reflect what I have sold. I just updated my items and sold the HORI.

Payment sent for Tekken 6. Thanks! :wink:

Price Drop on all games.

Final Price Drop.

This guy has the nerve to send me a game in new condition, as described, & packaged so well that you could drop it from a plane & it would still arrive intact…
On top of that, he had the audacity to send me a tracking number as soon as he sent it out…
He even had the balls to have it delivered to me in 2 days…
WTF!?! :eek:

Thanks! :smiley:

that’s life man, suck it up…:razzy:

eperelez - Thanks for the nice review.

Since SRK was down all sunday, I couldn’t leave a response :-/.

Packaging was great, fast as hell, and came in early. Thank you good sir for the stick!

SmashingPinatas – Happy you are pleased with the item and service. Thanks