Selling Studio Beats By Dre headphones I got. I’m selling them for $160.00 each plus shipping. They’re brand new and have not been opened. I will take only PayPal. PM me for more info.

Black: **SOLD **

White:** SOLD

You might want to post a receipt or authenticity stamp from dre on the inside of the battery compartment. Those beats headphones have some notorious knockoffs.

What’s the stamp look like James? Well I can just check lol I got mine from bestbuy

the stamp is just dre’s signature and a serial number, fakes just have nothing there

Cool I see it on the panel cover that comes off on the back side

thanks for your concern, I see your point. I opened one of the headphones, didn’t want to but I gotta show proof, here are some pics.

Is it $160 shipped? If so i’ll take the white headphones.

What model number are they? What do they normally sell for?

retail is 299.99

money sent.

The white ones have been sold and the black headphones are on hold at the moment.

Wez if that dude flops with the Black Beats By Dre Headphones hit me up!!!

How are these compared to the solo HDs? I’ve been thinking of grabbing a pair

way better imo u can go to best buy and test them out atleast over hear they have them on display i had mine since last march best gift ever u hear so much things u never herd b4 with other headphones well to me anyway

How do these compare to sennheiser hd 280 pro?

For the cost difference I don’t doubt it. My only issue is that I really don’t like over ear headphones, they tend to make me dizzy and I do what a pair of dre’s. The solos are on ear and apparently don’t have the “breaking” problem they had in the first generations.

trust me there alot better there is a price difference for a reason and they are studio headphones for actual dj’s and the solos are more for like regular use i tried them out they don’t go as loud either but u should of brought one pair of these woulda been cheaper then the solo’s, u should really just check ur local best buys to see if they have them on display

I’d rather the over ear then on ear or I would have. Do you have any recommendations in the same price range as the solos?

just get a pair of beats in ear for a 100

I’ll take the black version if other potential buyers back out. PM me, thanks!