The Solos made my ears hurt after an hour. They just are not to comfortable. I upgraded to Pro just because of comfort although I don’t like having to use AAA batteries with them but I get a lot of use from them. I think they are great.

Yea studios are better than solos. I have one myself. A bit pricey retail but this is a good price for an unopened one. I would’ve picked these up (for an extra) but looks like you have a long line haha.

Just wanted to let you know that I received it today. They came in perfect condition. The sound quality on these are amazing.

Well since a lot of people are interested, they have the beat line on sale at the pwnageshop this week: if you’re smart you’ll snag the ATHm50’s for $83 :wink:

I’ve never heard of that site. How legit is it? Authorized dealer for everything they sell for warranty purposes? Thx!

They’re legit, they’ve been rated through numerous online boards, they’re based out of rhode island. You can call them if you’d like haha

they’re endorsed by payleap as well

Cool, thx! I’ve never heard of payleap as well, LOL! So tempted since I’m always traveling & would like something to drown out the little kids & babies screaming/crying on my flights, haha!

Slightly OT since the OP pretty much has sold his stuff, LOL: Still undecided between the Pro’s & Studio. What’s every one’s opinion on this?

studios not pro’s pro’s r huge and ugly in person studios are awsome if u order from them let me know if its legit and let me know if there authentic if do ill buy the in ear ones just to have when i don’t wanna bring the studio’s with me

Ya, I was leaning towards the Studio’s for that reason. I’ll let u know but it’ll be a few weeks since I’ve got our anniversary coming up so need money for that 1st, LOL!

do you still have any left?

Yeah, I have 1 white studio beats, I’m getting a couple of black models soon.

Nice, PM me whenever u get a black one in, thx!

sent a pm regarding the white studios

How are the Tour Beats? I’m looking for a pair of earphones for my fiancée so she can use at the gym with her iPod Nano. I’m assuming this is brand new & sealed as well?

I claim the white ones! =)

I think thoe headphones are fake… Dre headphone dont come sealed with plastic.

Yes they do lol

They do. There are many ways to spot a fake by looking at the actual box and the printing.

but the only real solid way to tell if your beats are fake though is running the SN through the verifier website