Up for sale is a very beautiful B15 Rufus themed dual-modded custom with LED’s. It’s in excellent condition, was gently used, and functions flawlessly!

Specs are as follows:

-B15 custom made & painted case w/ Vewlix 8-button layout (15" x 10" x 2.5")
-Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB (PS3/360/PC)
-Sanwa JLF w/ square gate
-Seimitsu LB-39 Bubbletop (custom painted to match)
-B15 etched clear dustwasher
-Seimitsu clear/yellow PS14-KN’s w/ LED’s on activation (switch on back)
-Sanwa dark-hai OBSF-30’s (Home/Back/Start)
-Plexi’s top & bottom w/ custom artwork
-Neutrik NAUSB w/ 15ft. detachable clear USB cable

I have to say, this is one of the finest sticks I have ever used in my entire life. It’s so solid, it feels like it’s made of stone. The pics below really don’t do it justice. This stick has really made me realize how badly I need to invest in a DSLR. The only blemish on the entire stick is a scratch along the front (last pic/easy fix?). It was already there when I first received it after U.S. customs inspected it. I am asking $300 shipped & accept payment via PayPal. I will carefully package & ship via USPS w/ delivery confirmation & insurance included anywhere within the continental U.S. to a confirmed address. I’m really not looking for any trades at this time. Please feel free to ask any questions or make any reasonable offers. Thanks! :slight_smile:

**SOLD to Squirtguns! DELIVERED! :smiley: **(USPS Parcel Post 0311 0820 0000 1820 1931)

Thanks for looking! :wink:


Wow this looks amazing! Great seller btw! Thanks eperelez, I got my game fast and in brand new condition.

You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy it! :wink:

My gawd, that’s a beautiful stick. Good luck with the sale!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I would really like for this stick to find a good home, so if you have purchased a stick from me in the past, take an additional 10% off the current price! :smiley:

needs more rose.

Bump for price drop! :smiley:

Bump for price drop! :smiley:

I get paid on Thursday. Here’s to hoping this is still available.

What kind of Dslr are you looking to buy?

None right now, but when I do it will be either a Canon or Nikon. :slight_smile:

I have a Canon 40d if your interested.As well as a few lenses for it.

I’m not ready to purchase one just yet, but thanks for the offer. :wink:

Stick is ON HOLD for AuhsojSivart pending payment! :smiley:

As much as I hate to say it, you can take the stick off hold. I don’t think I can buy it right now.

No worries. Thanks for your interest! :wink:

wait are you saying you want to trade for a b15 stick?

anyways, I have a rare nikon 28mm f/2 AIS for trade if your intrested.

some samples

lemme know qtpie

I was actually looking to sell my 40d for cash, not really looking for a camera to camera exchange.

$100 shipped is NOT a reasonable offer…:eek: