You need to post a price

Whoops lol I’m selling for $100 each

i may be interested in the 360 stick, post pics please

I second that, pics please.

Please post pics. I would also like to be in for one.

[URL=‘’) [Inside of MAS](‘’)

I don’t have the bottom part for the mas but you can use almost anything to cover it

If this is $100 shipped I’m in for the Round 2 Fight Stick. PM me paypal

It’s not including shipping because after the paypal fee and the shipping I practically lose $30

I kinda wanna hit you up about that MAS stick. Going to think on it.

I like the idea of an arcade stick that also doubles as a chair.

Bump, I can have it shipped before Christmas

Free Bump. I still use the stick I bought from you two years ago every day. Love that P360. Thanks again.

Thanks for the bump, that was my favorite stick, I’m glad its being put to good use. I’ll lower the price to $75