Comes with green balltop, circle gate, and a VERY hard custom spring.


Just about what I’m looking for. Been tryna find the JLF without PCB for a project I’m workin’ on, so I’ll take it. Starting a convo now.

By far the quickest sale ever made on the Trading Outlet forum to date.

joystick sold to Kendrik.

Mods, you know what to do.

Nice Stuff. I use all those SE,Brawlstick, TVC joystick for projects. What u do with it?

Cutewest. Thanks 4 the PCB. I got it today. Could you pass me the web that explain on how to use it? Thanks tho.

I kept the TvC as it was when I got it (so with PS3 PCB and Sanwa parts). I’m working on converting a Tekken 5 stick to Sanwa parts now.

Take some pics once you finish it. That’s the only thing left for me to do on it.