Traded in my Xbox 360 and don’t need them anymore. These are originals. Both have boxes and all original parts. Never modded anything. Both are in great condition as are the boxes. One of the sticks has a loose back door where the cable goes in because the plastic prong wore out. Will sell seperately for $75 a piece or $145 for the pair. Buyer agrees to pay shipping cost after I get estimate from their choice of USPS, FEDEX or UPS. Paypal only unless local. If local, cash only. Pictures for serious inquiries only. I’ll check this account over the next few weeks but be patient if I don’t respond right away.
Updated with lin to pics:

Where are you local?

Ooops. Guess I should’ve listed that. Tampa/ St. Pete/Clearwater, FL area.

Hey, i’m interested but do you ship to canada ?

Im interested. Pictures please.

great prices!

Who is the real Seller?
benjiedude or ONE100BILL?

Which are the real TE we are buying?
benjiedude says not modified, ONE100BILL shows Dual Mod.

I see, you posted in the wrong Thread, ONE100BILL.

Sorry. Keeping it in the US to stay simple.

Since there was great interest in the sticks, I will try to post pictures tomorrow or Thursday. Only way I won’t is if I get a buyer who wants to buy first.

Thanks to everyone who inquired.

Awww its cool (:

Couple of things: It’s been a while since I posted pics in this forum and apparently I can only do it if I post them on a seperate URL. What’s the best place? Recommendations please.
Also, it’s worth mentioning that I called Madcatz when I originally got the sticks and was able to get a replacement piece of artwork which I took a picture of for those of you who would want to replace the existing one if it gets scratched up. They only gave me one and it goes to the first person to buy a stick or if somebody buys both obviously.


OP upload the image to, then paste the links here. I am interested in purchasing both sticks but want to see pictures first, I’m in the UCF (Orlando FL) area as well.

Interested in one in the jax area. Pics aren’t that important.moneys ready.

how much to ship to Michigan?

How much to ship up to Wisconsin? also, pics please.

Don’t need pics, just one of the sticks

big response to ad. Thank you to all. Am handling inquiries in the order they came through and will post when sale is finalized. Also posted link to picsin original post.

2/24- 1 stick sold and shipped with other still pending payment.

let me know if the offers fall through. i’m definitely local and have cash in hand. not that i’m trying to snake anyone. definitely not trying to circumvent rules here.