Selling my brothers sticks for him, he’s selling cheap :

Sold as Bundle: 160$ for BOTH Shipped
Sold Individually: 100 for TE-S, and 70$ for Round 1 Shipped

U.S. Only - Paypal Only


I’ll take the round 1 TE.


Nm… Just noticed the round 1 is for xbox. Sorry about that. Excellent prices though.


PMs responded to. edited post – U.S. Only - sorry !


I’ll take the Round 1 if it isn’t already gone. Need to set up a paypal real quick though.


Both for $160 shipped? I’ll take both. Sending PM now if they’re available.


PM sent about that round 1.


hey guys - sale pending

thanks for your interest


Ill take the 360 one if its not sold!


poster bought the bundle! thanks for your interest, guys!