Hello, I am looking to sell my recently purchased Xbox 360 Hori Fighting Edge joystick. Its in pristine condition, only played on about 3 times. The package includes the original manual, cleaning cloth, and of course the joystick itself. Its in the original packaging and even still with the box it was shipped in.

I’m only selling the stick because I could use the money for other things right now, and I have 2 other sticks already.

Asking Price: $180 Shipped, I can also do local pickup (Queens, NY) for $160



Did you change the buttons? Why is the button pink?


No its the same red button, I took the picture from my phone so I guess it looks a bit washed out. The stick is completely stock, never touched.


The button is red no doubt. It’s just the lighting of the picture


It’s the lighting/camera quality. It’s a red button, just looks pink in the picture.


Pmed. I’ll take it man.


Item on hold for Liquidice944, pending payment.


Item sold to Liquidice944.