[s]I have for the PS3: Time Crisis Razing Storm, Playstation Move Controller and Playstation Navigation Controller for the PS3.

Game is 100% complete with case, manual and artwork :tup: In amazing condition, played probably for about 2 hours at most since I’ve had it. Move controllers have also had similar use time on them.

Paypal only, all sales FINAL. WILL SHIP UP TO 2 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. Ships to the continental U.S. ONLY, free shipping! No Alaska/Hawaii/Canada/Europe sorry![/s]

SOLD! :tup:


Any interest in selling just Time Crisis by itself? Thanks!

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Sure I can do it for $27 shipped to the U.S.


Appreciate the offer, but that’s more than I’m willing to spend on it. GLWS!


No problem man I just sold the whole bundle! :tup: Thanks for the well wishes!


Oh nice, it was a killer deal on the bundle!

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