Selling my second stick, an MVC2 TE w/ Kitty dual-mod. I have a VS and I don’t really need this thing lying around. Got it new last spring and it’s seen relatively little use. the Kitty was installed by Toodles himself.

Asking $130, shipped.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that it’ll ship with the original box and styrofoam padding things. One corner of the box is torn.

Still available? How do you switch between consoles?

Sorry, man. Just barely sold locally. Shoulda updated this, but it had gone for so long with no response I thought it was a dead thread! ;(

RE your other question: Kitty boards auto connect to PS3. IIRC, you switch to 360 by holding down Turbo and switching to RS while plugging it in. (Disclaimer: I almost never play 360, so I might have this wrong.)