Edit: lowered price to $70.00 shipped, from $80.00.

Recently sold this on ebay, and the buyer didn’t want to keep it, because the stick started poking a hole through the box (see pic below).
This surprised me, because I always pack things very well, but I didn’t think about putting extra padding inside the FT’s box.

Stick is still in the same great, nearly-new condition. Asking $70.00 USD shipped in the USA.

Links to photos:



Bloody great stick!!! You’ll have no problem selling it. I love mine.


How big is it compared to a TE? Looks small.


Its madcatz SE sized or namco psx sized


Good lord that is a beautiful arcade stick!!! Free bump!


I have the blue one and stick is smooth as butter and for those asking its almost equal to an SE in size.


Dropped price to $70.00 shipped; never seen one this low before.

I have seen them for $240 in the last few years, because OPTICAL.

Also FYI, these FT sticks come with octo-gate as default. I don’t know if you can change that.

General info:
They are silky smooth, as if there’s nothing inside, thanks to the optical switches. It’s like moving in butter, until you hit the sturdy, solid side of that octo-gate. A fair amount of throw, though. Still, very nice. I love these sticks for Dreamcast 3rd Strike.


The ASCII optical stick inside is interchangeable with Sanwa parts, such as gates and balltops. Good luck with sale man.


Payment sent brother man :slight_smile: