SOLD!!! Thanks RageousX

Cleaning out my closet and decided to sell this fightstick from my collection.

Opened but Never Used Xbox 360 - MadCatz EVO Fightstick PRO

I really don’t know how much it’s worth now so I’ll start off with $170 shipped FEDEX or UPS. I will only sell & ship to USA, sorry.
If the price is too high, by all means feel free to make me an offer.


i can tell you that $250 is way too much.


I had a feeling it was too high. LOL
Thanks for speaking up!

Price edit!


Better to mark it too high than too low. Laugh.


Come on its packed up and ready to ship the next day or same day I recieve payment!


i will pay 80 dollars for this


who wouldnt?


MadCatz only manufactured 600 of these arcade sticks in total – 300 XBOX 360 and 300 for PS3.



Ebay it homie. Your better off there.


Yeah looks like i’m going to have to, just wanted to give SRK a chance.
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Can you offer shipping to Canada when you put in on ebay?


Damn, I have mine as well sitting in my closet unopened/unused. Does no one really like or want this stick?


I do.


I’d buy this if you shipped to Canada…






Stick has been sold, mods can lock the thread.