Dropped the price to $40 need to sell asap.


Now dual modded to be played on ps2 and dreamcast with memory card. $40 picked up. Will also throw in a xbox 360 pcb


Would you consider shipping? Getting back into cvs2 and this stick is EXACTLY what I’m looking for. I’ll inbox you my number to text me


what is it dual modded with. I’m local and am willing to buy


If you are willing to ship I’m also interested


^^^ Hey screw you guys. I got dibs!!! Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


If you pay for shipping it’s yours.


New item added!


hey this just turned to be a FIGHT for that stick and I want to know shipping it to 10474 >??


What is the Brawlstick dual-modded with?


Brawlstick is a ps3 and has been dual modded with a xbox 360 fightpad


Price drop on tekken 5 stick. $30 picked up


Brawlstick is sold. Still up for grabs is the tekken 5 for $30.


I’ll pay for shipping for the T5 Stick. PM’ing you for info.


Would rather just stick to local pick up sorry. Still up for grabs for $30


Lowered to $25 picked up and can meet up at super arcade or around west covina.


Added new pics. Need to sell


I would totally pay for shipping and that stick.


Sorry not trying to ship out. Added a new item.