Updated August, 8 2015:

I have for sale 2 used MC Cthulhu’s, $25 shipped each for $45 shipped for both. SOLD

I’m located in SoCal, 92503 if you want to pick them up.


Cross post on Arcade Otaku, and Neo-Geo, you’ll get more hits for sure, good luck, and nice cab.


I’m not familiar with the Sammy Atomiswave Candy Cabinets. How do they compare to sega cabinets: astros and blasts? Just doing some cursory research about it on the internet, Atomiswaves are pretty much Egret III’s? Also, there seem to be some issue with the stock power supply, but it looks like you fixed that with the PC power supply replacement.

Do these have the screen rotating mechanism that the Egret II’s have?


Nah, these do not rotate using a mechanism. It’s the old pop and turn.


More like “pop” your back out and then “turn” around to ask a friend or 3 for help rotating the monitor, amiright?!!


Yup, Atomiswave is an Egret 3 with different decals.

Compared to a blast city the monitor quality should be very similar if not the same. If playing purely 15khz games then an Astro City or New Astrocity is the way to go, or any other lo-res candy cab. I think the 15khz picture on the Atomiswave is gorgeous, but others will disagree.

The original power supply died and was replaced with a PC power supply, works great and haven’t had any issues running my games on it.

These do not have a rotating mechanism, honestly I’ve never rotated the monitor, they are heavy and 2 people are recommended in rotating it. If you are interested in the cab and would like it rotated before hand, I’m more than willingly to do so.


Wow, nice price. I paid 1200 back in 2006. Great Price!!!
Id buy it now, but my fiance would beat my ass if I came home with that since we have a wedding coming up. :frowning:


Last price drop if I don’t have any interest by Saturday, I’ll just keep it.


FUCK!! That’s too tempting… I may end up divorced before I get married now. … I’ll try to convince her.


Thanks for the reply and info!

She doesn’t have to know :wink:

Was waiting for a price drop, gonna send a pm


Wish you were in FL my friend. GLWS


bump for new items.


Cool guy here! That naomi looks sweet!


PM Sent!


bump for a stick sale


looks good homie.


Price drop, if it doesn’t sell at this price, I’ll just keep it.


Does it come with quick disconnects?




Updated with dimensions. Only 3 more days and I keep it.