Sold. Please close.

Damn I want this :neutral:

But I’m not local

Added pictures.

Dropping the price a little. I saw someone else selling a stock HRAP 2 SA for the same price, so it only felt right to knock a few bucks off.

FYI when your holding out that maybe somebody in your area will happen to find it on here, you might be waiting a very, very, very long time. GLWS

post it for sale @ UFO. One of the guys at that arcade are bound to buy it

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m not in the biggest hurry to sell it. I’ve just run into a situation where I don’t own a system it will natively connect to and my InPin is only good for occasional Steam content now that the PS3 is gone.

I’ll check with UFO. I work with a few people who are regulars there and I know that they have already spread the word locally.

Would you be willing to include the InPin for a bit more?

In Round Rock BTW. So I am local-ish.

Yeah, I can do that. I’m in Cedar Park so RR is basically next door. I will send you a PM.