Amazing condition with very little use. X-input for PC with standard Hayabusa joystick and silenced Hayabusa buttons. Ships as shown with two hole plugs installed but comes with all 8 buttons, 2 extra silencers, and full retail package.
** Sold**


I’ve got a kowal and 8x30mm silencers from sanwa. Wish i had the plugs to complete it but if you wait a bit i can add some on my next order so that you can save some shipping if you pick these up from me. Send me a pm.


Pm sent!


Updated. Looking for black TE2 bezel.


Just a suggestion. Any chance you have thought of painting your red one? I followed a guide on here and painted my red madcatz te bezel white and it looks great. Like $8 for a can of vinyl dye and you can find it at most auto stores.


Thanks, but I’m not interested in painting it


Black bezel found. Selling red.


PM sent.


Bezel pending sale. parts added.


Updated. Looking for parts


Parts found. Stick added.


price dropped. If it can’t sell at this price it’s gonna be a keeper


Alpha sold


XB1 added


Phone and gps watch added


Nexus sold


JLF added


added play & charge controller to XB1 bundle


price drops


Xbox one sold