$90 with stock parts only? No way. Members could buy something like a MAS for that price.

True Grave: MAS Sticks are backed up for months. On top of that, they run you at least $100 not including shipping.

A SF Anniversary Stick (just check ebay and past auctions that ended) goes for quite a bit more than I am selling, and I am including shipping on a very bulky item AND this is brand new in the box.

There are other places online with MAS sticks for sale other than the official site.

Estarland, whom other members had good dealings with, also sells the MAS. For almost the SAME price as you are asking for the AC:

If you modified the AC stick yourself with happ parts, then i could see it going for that price. Otherwise $90 for the stick with just stock parts?

Sorry i just don’t see it happening :sweat:

I can see it happening. Won’t be long till just the case itself will be sought after. Even the pcb for that matter. Too bad you missed DreamTR awesome sell back then. I think i bought 2 of them from him at the time.

Yes the case is GOOD and the PCB is ok too, i Love my modified AC. However why would anyone pay money for it when they could buy something like the MAS for the same price, that not only has a nice case and pcb, but real happ parts too?

Taking that into consideration, the only person i could see being willing to pay that much for it would be a collector.

Someone WILL bite. It’s tourney season and everyone is always looking for a stick at this time of the year. It’s cheaper than a custom stick and easier to obtain within a week’s time than a MAS stick(considering they’re always delayed in shipping). And it’s hella easy to mod with REAL Happ parts(MAS isn’t the only stick with REAL Happ parts).

You guys all lose, The AC stick and even the Mas loses out to this bad boy.

Nothing beats the ultimate fighting stick with its lifetime warranty and on top of that its wireless. Custom stick that just pops right out and buttons so good that it hurts. :smiley:

god i hope youre being sarcastic ^^

Yeah that stick is basically a generic crappier version of a Saulabi which isn’t really all that popular to begin with unless you play Tekken. You can mod it with Sanwa stuff though.

With the MAS the real parts are already inside it for the same price. Also there are other places around with the stick available like estarland.

From the looks of the estarland page, it is up for ordering and does not seem to be on back-order or out of stock.

If that is true, then for anyone seriously looking at this page: go get the MAS instead.

… lol AMB good one

True Grave: I’d appreicate you not crapping on my thread when I am trying to sell things by trying to steer people towards a MAS. On top of this, there is a giant collector box with official UDON artwork and everything else under the Plexi. There are collectors who want this item, simple as that. Like I said before, check the eBay auctions before you come on here trying to steer people away from a good deal.

It’s still definitly a good deal, especially if you already have a Happ comp stick and buttons laying around. Bump for a good seller.

Sorry i’m not trying to be a dick, just trying to explain why I think $90 for it might be a bit much considering the other sticks out there.

I’ll shut up now :sweat:

True Grave: everyone has their preference. In terms of how much the thing is actually worth regardless of your personal preference for the stick, the SFAC is worth more money, and is more of a collector’s item than the MAS.

If that’s the case, please accept my SFAE stick for a MAS asap. :wgrin:

I got my SFAE stick from an EBGames outlet about a year ago. I still see them around in stores, might just be my area though. They sell for $60.00. (Might’ve been a Gamestop).

so uhh smooth one you assholes, if it isn’t the wonderful world of True Grave, genius extraordinaire, posting his worthless opinion where its not needed. its someother asshat trying to be wise and shit, if you can get the for that cheap open up your own thread and profit. otherwise get lost and let someone who wants a sfac buy one.

shit’s real heavy, that’s all.

Item has been sold.

If you can get them for $60, I would suggest grabbing them up.