**** SOLD ** **

Im selling my Byrdo joystick which iv had for just over 5 months now (only been used once or twice!) It’s a fantastic all round joystick, but i just preferred using my HRAP2. I also have another joystick coming from Laurie, so i wont have any use for this no more.


Joystick- Sanwa JLF
Buttons- Sanwa OBSF
Colour- Unique Hammered Finish (Greyish)

Here are some pics:

Note: As you can see in the below pic, there is a very minor small mark. I have no idea how it got there, and it can only be seen when your really close, or when light shines on it (hardly noticeable imho).

**** SOLD ** **

Im willing to ship to the US, but it wont be cheap.

Payment via Paypal Please

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curse you UK shipping! curse you!


how much would it cost to ship to the us :confused:

Would you ship to Holland?

I asked Darren (DH020) as he send’s quite a few sticks. He said it will cost me around 26, which is about 50$ to send via airsure. And that is only if the package is less then 2kg, which i think it should be.

Yes i will ship to Holland. I dont know the exact shipping price, but if your really interested in the stick, i can look into it for you.

How low could you go if I picked the stick up and paid cash/?

If you picked up in person, 100 is the lowest. I paid 145+shipping and its hardly been used. imo its worth 100 easy!

No probs, looks a really nice stick, just flogging some stuff here and there so fingers crossed ill have enough for it. obviously ill let you know asap, id just let you post in that case it’d cost me more than a fiver in petrol lol

Yea cool np. Where about’s are you from anyway?

Teesside area up North, although I have mates that live In Sheffield during term time, so collecting would be a possibility…

Oh ok, cool. I dont mind posting it within the UK really. It will cost me about 6/7, but again if you want it to be collected, thats your choice. Either way, lmk.

lol, the irony is i have money in my account waiting for paypal…if your willing to accept it man? let me know as i always said i wanted this stick.

you still have the ken dc stick? if so how much for both?

here and now man.

I have that DC stick! :wgrin: but its on hold for someone at the moment.

I must have sent you like 5 pm’s on neo empire, both to you and your brother. I just thought you were no longer interested in the DC stick so i p/x with Daz for the 360 stick (+cash). Your paypal account confirmed and verified?