Sold! Close please, thanks.

What is the stock quality like?

I’ve never used a Japanese-style stick outside of an actual Sanwa JLF so I can’t think of anything to compare them to, but overall they aren’t bad. They probably feel similar to Hori-made sticks. The buttons feel like the stock Horis on a HRAP, but I think they feel a little better. I played it for a little while with a friend on 3S. It’s not the greatest thing out there but much better than an X-Arcade that’s for sure.

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post pics please

Here are the pics:

Just a side note of curiosity:
The box of the stick claims its the “Limited” Black Edition. However, all the Blaze sticks I’ve seen so far are black… Has anyone ever seen an “Ordinary” Colored Edition?

Aren’t the normal once gray? If so if seen one.


There’s a thread with a pic of the silver one. I personally like that one better.

What button layout are those? Don’t know too much about them but kinda looks like an hrap2 layout. Also, what system is it for? And how hard is it to swap everything out for sanwas?

Edit: from the pics I would guess a ps2 port.

It has been sold.