I have a PS2 Slim system that I’ve barely ever used. Since I’ve had it I’ve put about 200 hours on it between games and movies. It works perfectly and I’ve never had problems with it, I just never use it.

The deal includes:
System, cords, controller, box, and all documentation
4 games
Controller extension cord
Nyko 8meg memory card
Madkatz PS2/Xbox component video cable.


4/5/08 - Dropped price. I’ll consider offers, I would like to get rid of it.

4/8 - Dropped price again. :slight_smile:

This is for my stick fund people! Help me out or make a reasonable offer!

Throw out that racing game and you’ve got a deal.


I was going to say, I own the same games, and can get a used PS2 here for $90. But it still is a nice deal with the memory card and component cables in there, plus extras. Especially with the games, should you not have them. FFXII is quite a good game, provided you like RPG’s.

I figured the games in at $2.5 each. So I can either take $2.5 off the price or you can actually try the game, I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

You can keep it at $105, I don’t mind. $105 isn’t a lot of money to me.

My PS2 is back at my folk’s house so my baby brother can play as much Guitar Hero as he wants. I’ve been wanting to buy a second PS2 so I can take it to Iraq with me, and your offer pops up. Good timing.