where are you located?

PM sent for one (maybe 2) of the good condition ones.

I thought I had these sold but my customers did not send the payments. So I got back to all the others that had interest and nothing worked out. One of each still available for sale.

I’ll take the dreamcast stick I asked for before.

I should have the payment by the end of this week.

New SNK NEOGEO MVS items for sale.

Pm sent for kof posters

PLZ save me that Metal slug and Samurai showdown stuff

Some new items are added.

I will NO longer HOLD items.

Customers please check your paypal accounts and make sure they have a confirmed address or I will refund you.

Countless customers have asked me to HOLD items and never get back to me. If they finally do I get unconfirmed paypal payments.

Those interested in my items please read the top of my sales thread carefully so we dont have problems. Thanks

New SNK posters added.

Since you’re not holding things anymore, all I can do is hope that that Agetec stick is still around next friday when i get payed :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of items added.

PM Sent

nice collection man !

  • DC Innovation Import Game player $10.00 shipped

I’ll take. Pm sent

All prices on every item includes shipping.

If by some chance you decide to sell to Canada, I’ll take Jojo’s and Double Impact.

Ill take the KOF 98 Poster D:

I PM’d ya about DS3

I will now sell and ship outside the USA but only if paypal confirms addresses in your area. This will increase the price a little for shipping outside the US. Please give me your address for calculating the difference in shipping.