Buyers and current bids

oDas - offers $90
lovepig78 - offers $80
flipkev - ?
erikstanton - ?

*ill let this run for another day or so and see how it turns up
*MaxLandShark and Lobelia dropped out so this is still up for grabs if anybody wants it

Item : Playstation 2 joystick
Joystick color : Black box
Button colors : 6 blue, and 2 white ones (start/select)
Button type : Convex
Stick type : American
Cord Length : approximately, 78 inches or 6 feet 1/2
Joystick measurements : aprox. 10 inches length, 15 1/2 inches wide
Asking Price : looking for around $80, or best offer
Payment method : money orders, check, cash, or paypal
Shipping : depends on where you live. If your from the southern california area, LA/OC area, you can pick it up to save shipping costs. I live next to the Boomers in the city of Fountain Valley

*Feel free to ask questions

Hey people! I am selling a joystick I bought a year ago, from Mas Systems, a well known & reliable trusted joystick company located here in Orange County. This is my first time selling on SRK, heh. The stick is american (not ball), and the buttons are convex (think its called that? correct me if im wrong), meaning they are smooth and isnt shape inward. There are 6 blue buttons and 2 start/select buttons in white.

The joystick is in great condition! Everything works perfect! And its only been used for about 2 months. I used it for marvel vs capcom 2 & played it for 2 months then stopped. Its been laying in a box for several months now, and since I’m not using it anymore, I have decided to sell it. (super smash brawl has been keepin me busy haha). Got it for $110 originally, and I am asking for around $80 or best offer. As you can see in the picture, the side of the joysticks have been painted black (by mas systems). If you need a joystick for any other systems such as the xbox or dreamcast, there are always converters on ebay or at your local game store

Those are convex buttons.

For $80? The person who’s gonna buy this is getting one hell of a deal.

What kind of joystick is it? a P360 or Comp???

yeah cause arent there supernovas that have those sticks but their ultimate?

pm sent.

highly interested in buying

I’ll buy, PM your paypal.

Ahhh, I was going to post a few hours ago but decided against it. Now that I want the stick, and could send a check as the thread requests, I’m effed.

thanks for correcting. updated thread

I just opened it up, and took a picture. my camera sucks cause its kinda blurry, heh. Added in a 3rd picture to the thread too. Im confused. is it a super or competition? I can’t tell the difference. they both have 4 white squares on the bottom of the stick though


lovepig78 - offers $80
flipkev - I don’t have paypal
Lobelia - noone has bought it yet, you can still offer somethin

Since this is my first time on SRK selling something, and several people want it, should i do a auction type of thing and see who will offer the most? or what? im learning, heh. thanks

$80 is a steal on that stick. if i needed a happ stick right now i would be all over that.

its a competition joystick by what i can see in the picture. but its the all happ kind with the black acuator(no sure how to spell that)

I’ll offer $100.


Damn. I lose.

2 people dropped out, so its still available


pm me

sold to oDaS