I have a Tekken 5 stick (PS2). It has all stock parts.

$55+Shipping OBO.

there are some stickers on it (4) but I would take them off and clean it up.


i can take the stickers off.

Can you ship to Canada/pics?

right now i’d rather not ship to Canada.

I might be interested, but it wouldn’t be till next Saturday I’d be able to buy it.

If you could hold it for me that’d be stellar but if you get an offer, just sell it cause I have a stick already but I’d like another for just incase.

But like I said, if someone else wants it, by all means sell it to them.

I can’t hold things right now, sorry.

OBO? I’d pay 50 bucks plus shipping, i live in hawaii. How is it though? Playing i mean? Does it still play smoothly?

Have any pics? There are two tekken stick versions right? Which one is this?

it is the stick that came out when tekken 5 came out… like the collector’s edition bundle or whatever.

it plays perfect.

I know which one youre talking about. Last time i saw one was a couple months ago at gamestop for 30 bucks with game and some kind of Tin. How bad you need the money? Sounds like something happened. Im trying to grab a stick for tournament use. Till i feel like ordering one from MASS or Arcade in the box.

Nothing happened. I just have a few too many sticks lying around the apartment.

Oh thats cool. So you got a pic of the stick?

give me 5 minutes.

And counting… lol. Well not really.

Damn man, im not at home on my 40 inch samsung to see the pics so i had to save them and downsize. The stickers are fine except the NiN would have to go ha ha. Where is it shipping from and when would you send it off and how was my offer?

haha. i used my girl’s camera… had no idea they were going to be that big.

It would be shipping from DeKalb, Illinois… most likely VIA USPS on Monday or Tuesday. I am unsure of what shipping would be as I do not know their policy on dimensions and stuff… but I am guessing it would be around $20. I can do 60 and shipping.

Ok, let me sit on it for a minute and i’ll hit you back in a hour. You take paypal or how do you want the dough?

pay pal is fine by me.

giant peach :tup:

that’s right.

this is still for sale.

I’ll take it. I actually have exactly $55 in paypal right now.

As for shipping, I think it should be around $5-$10 to here in seattle. so I would have to get you the extra money for shipping a little later since paypal deposits take a day or two to complete.

you can just send it, no need to go through the extra work with the stickers or anything, i don’t mind. they actually aren’t that bad lol, i’ve seen way worse like half-torn-away stickers on the front and stuff lol

does this work for you?