I have 2 Perfect 360s for sale.

Both have the power and ground wire attached. They do not have the bolts to mount them into a box.

These were not working properly with PCBs from mas that supported PS2 and Dreamcast.
I do not know if they would work properly otherwise, as I have no way to test.

$16 + Shipping each OBO

somebody? anybody?

dibs if these are the Wico p360. Are they?

how can i tell?

All i know is they are 3-4 years old


they don’t say happ on them anywhere like the ones on Chad’s site (seen here:

They’re the good ones then. Wico made 2 kinds of P360. One was just an add-on base for Wico sticks (It has a red Wico 360 sticker on it), the other was a complete stick that looked like the Happ P360 but had Wico the raised part on the bottom. After Happ bought-out Wico, they sold the Wico sticks without “Wico” on them for a while (These might be the Happ sticks with Wico PCBs in them. Still much better than Happ P360s though). Then they made their own shitty sticks that have “Happ” on them.

PM sent