I have a Real Arcade Pro 2 that I’m willing to part with. Trying here before posting on eBay. Used VERY LITTLE – see pictures. Comes in original box. Everything in great condition.

Asking $190 plus $20 shipping to continental USA. PayPal only, please. Will provide tracking information for shipment. Thanks.


Good Luck for your sell it. :tup:

190 + shipping unmodded?? :looney: GL :rolleyes:


Well, some prefer items pristine so that they know someone hasn’t screwed anything up during the modification process.

They’re going for more than $190 on eBay, so I don’t understand the “??”. One sold for $200 on eBay last week plus $22 shipping so this is $12 cheaper than that.

Just thought I’d give SRK users who want an HRAP2 a shot first.

yep i know,n sorry don’t want to mess up your sale :tup: GL

You should probably sell yours on EBay. I don’t think the general SRKers will pay that much it since they can get a custom instead and sometimes people sell their HRAP2s for non-EBay prices.