They’re both in pretty good condition with comp sticks/convex buttons. Asking for $45+ shipping each or $80+ shipping for both.

Stick 1: Little dent on one side.

Stick 2: Some scratches on the sides.

I have no way of testing them but they worked fine the last time I used them a couple months ago and there should be no reason that has changed seeing how they have just been sitting in storage.

i will buy em both

pm sent.

interestd let me know if the two previous post fall through…

or do we start bidding lol

ps2 right?

Just want to clear something up since a couple people have asked.

These sticks are the ones that come with the Mas SuperNova super gun. Which means if you don’t own one, you can’t use these sticks unless you rewire them for another system.

Also, Paypal only and I wont’ ship international.

alright. :slight_smile:

Shoot, I can’t believe I missed this! Are these still available?

I’ll take one if one is still available.

I’ll take them both and I’ll pay a little extra

sorry, i though this was just a regular mas stick…
i need em for ps2 or dreamcast…
sorry, i am going to have to retract my offers…

I’ll give you $60 + shipping for stick #2 if you can do 2-day shipping.

I will poison all of the other bidders and then pay you more than they would have. :sad:

payment sent >:3

Both sticks have been sold.