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I’m selling my two Street Fighter Anniversary Collection sticks that I modded myself with Happs competition joysticks and pushbuttons, then changed the artwork. Asking $90 shipped for each, buyer must live in the U.S. and I only accept paypal. Each one comes in the original box with an instruction booklet and the original artwork incase you ever want to change back. The boxes have some damage, I’m only including them to ship the sticks in. I used the sticks from Dec '06 to August '07. I’ve used the red stick slightly more than the blue stick, but when I did use them they both worked perfectly. I’ve only used them on an xbox so I haven’t tested/used them on ps2 (but should still work perfectly). On the red one, the start button is almost sideways because it was the first one I modded and I almost ran out of room on the inside (but doesn’t impact preformance). As you can see in the pictures, there are some unused button holes. They have no protective covering so if you stick your finger through there you will have a hole (common sense, but shouldn’t be a problem unless someone does it on purpose). The artwork is 10pt gloss.

pictures (56k warning):

blue stick: looks the same on both sticks) looks the same on both sticks)

red stick:

will you cut me a deal if i buy both at the same time?

pm me

In other words, “I want to flip them and laugh as I make a profit.”

They’re $90 shipped each, or $180 shipped for both.
The price isn’t going down; if they don’t sell they go back to the closet.

Can you possibly put the original artwork back on? Or are they trashed?

EDIT - Nevermind I just saw the answer.

^^pm sent

Payment sent for both sticks :woot:


(I’m trying to change the thread title to “SOLD” but I can’t edit the title…)

go to EDIT, and then GO ADVANCED, and you should be able to change the title, hope it helps.

Thanks :tup: