Ok guys, I’m letting go of Project Justice for the Dreamcast. This is the original American release with everything intact. Case is in one piece, instruction manual is still included, even the Capcom Edge points are still there. The game disc has some very minor visible scuffs, this doesn’t affect gameplay at all, I just booted it up and it worked like a charm.

This is a rare game that is also awesome so I’m letting it go for $50. I take Paypal. If you live in the US I’ll ship it for free (Media Mail) if not, PM me for the cost.

I’m not posting pics because I don’t have a digital camera, and y’all know what it looks like anyway.

PM me if you’re interested, thanks!

wtf…how is this possible?

Project Justice came out in the US Shadow Ace.

no I meant that a game like this being sold…I know it came out U.S…id buy but a cousin of a mine might give his up…I had the japan version which had more content but one day it just stopped working and couldnt be burned

good luck with your sell…it should go fast

Sent you PM.