Selling a T5 stick(has not been modded) very good condition one bolt missing in lower left corner works perfect I just have no need for it. askingSOLD priority shipping included USA only paypal only.

what kind of trades would u be intrested in for the mas mini

Anything that has to do with gaming basically just let me know what your willing to trade.

i have a dreamcast with 2 controllers and all the burned games mvc2 cvs2 3s and some cash but not much =[ o yeah and a memory card

pm sent ,do you have a psx to dc converter?

You have any closer up pics of the T5? Like to see if there is any damage to the case at all. I’m interested in it if its mint or close.

not mint just a few light scratches and that missing bolt ,very good condition though
I also lowered the price again.

pm sent patmonsta

Let me know if the sale falls through on the T5 stick I will definitly buy that from you.

pm sent

Mas mini sold to patamonta

T5 stick on hold for KOH

Pm sent bro I’ll be back in like an hour, gotta run some errands.

what up rugedman sent u a pm with a tracking munber

Hope to get a pm from you soon, everything is taken care of.

Sold please close thread.