This is a modded jap Saturn Virtua Stick ( ). It has an LS-55 stock which i refurbed and korean buttons. It has a PSOne pcb and wired with L1/L2/analog/ST/Sl along the back. Has custom plexi and AH2 art. Case has minor blemishes which i sanded out and the bottom plate has new feet and has been sanded (looks kinda brushed metal-y). I’m selling it for $90 shipped.

This is a modded jap VF4 Hori stick ( ). I kept the stock stick since it’s the one from the gray namco stick. The buttons are korean (crowns?). It’s using a PS2 DS controller pcb. I made a plexi for the art which is some altered blazblue high res shots. I made the top row of buttons to be L1 / analog / L2. The buttons and stick are in lightly used condition and the stick overall looks brand new as far as case blemishes. I’m selling it for $85 shipped within the US. Paypal only. First come first served. Thanks for lookin.

I thought PS2 dual shocks pcbs were a big no no when it came to putting them in a stick since the pcb was fully analog. But nice stick by the way.

I mean, i assume people don’t like it since it has 2 grounds and you can’t do a multi pcb hack, but i mean everything is wired to switches that fire ON and OFF, so i don’t see how being fully analog affects anything. I’ve been on ggpo with it most of the week and i’ve tested it on ps2 and xbox with an adapter. All i’ve ever seen on the subject is stuff people heard from someone else.

Beautiful work. I’d buy it but I own too many damned sticks already and have another one already coming.

I’ll give you $110 for it if you put a Sanwa/Seimetsu stick in it and sanwa/seimetsu buttons. But stock stick and korean buttons for $110? I really like that you put the plexi on it and put the 3 extra buttons though, and that you put a DS2 into it.

Very nice looking and a great job!!

So let’s see:

$45 for the stick
$35 for seimitsu parts
$5 for the pad
$10 for art and plexi
$15 for shipping

So i should do all that work for free according to you? Thanks for the compliment dude, but do you work?

No, you misunderstand. I didn’t want you to do work… I meant that if it had sanwa/seimetsu parts then I would pay $110 for it.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. And holy shit $45 for the stick? Its $24 for a JFL on lizardlick man. Where you getting your stuff lol.

Q: Are the buttons as sensetive as Sanwas?

looks good poon to bad its anime art :slight_smile:

haha, shut up. don’t disrespect my target demographic! :slight_smile:

And yes, they’re as sensitive as sanwas. Not as loose since there is this really faint “click” action, but you can piano them with just as little force. They’re flatter topped too like the gray namco buttons.


look awesome stick! I wish I buy you but I ordered a HRAP3 on past month. Finally! I received the item today. : )

i get paid friday, but i have a lot of bills and mgs4 comes out =). i’ll have to see if i have any money left over.

bump for price drop and new stick

Wow… why hasn’t anyone jumped on either of these yet???

It boggles the mind.

Haven’t you heard? PS2 pcbs give you RROD, and korean parts are made of holocaust victims. :slight_smile:

It’s my own fault for posting when MGS4 came out and during prime pre-evo stick saturation season.

Yea… but… evo should mean the sticks should be going with the quickness!