most items have been sold and the remaining are now on ebay.

PM sent.

pm about Ikaruga and the ds

pm about Capcom Vs SNK 2

that price for the T5 is really high considering its not modded. i got the same bundle brand new for 65 shipped.

Ikaruga and CvS2 have been sold – post has been updated.

lucky you :clown:

Also, just added a few more items.

bump – Phone price lowered: from 120 to 99$

Does the Ds come with charger & stylus? Also wats the condition of the Ds?

A second picture has been added. Please look at first post. Everything that is in that picture is what you’ll get; no more, no less.

Also, another set of items has been added: Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Widescreen Extended Versions)

Some prices have also been slashed. :china:

on a side note – I just noticed that my one green bar has been removed and is now replaced with several red bars, why did this happen?

180 is a bit high on mvc2 isnt it?

also the red bars means somebody negatived reped u.

i will get that fixed for u :nunchuck:

pm about the Ds

Thanks for the fix.

I actually had MVC2 for sale initially at 200. This is the way I looked at it, I can let MVC2 go for180 and not feel bad. I’ve held on to this game for over 6 years and its still brand new with factory shrink wrap and everything. I know MVC2 is a very popular game; used copies of the ps2/xbox/dc version always sell for over 60 dollars. I really see my unopened copy as a hardcore of the hardcore items to have, but hey, thats just me. :pleased: Any who, someone might be willing to pay a steep price to have an untouched copy of something; just a few days ago I paid 70 for a still in shrink wrap version of CVS2

DC versions of mvc2 do not sell as high as the ps2/xbox. Usually see them go for 30-40. If you are really concerned about maintaining that price for the mvc2,I think its best you just keep it as a collectors item. Good Luck with the sale though

Yeah, PS2 version of MvC2 goes for like $80 and more, but the DC version doesn’t go nearly as high.

PM sent about T5.