Gotta get rid of these sadly now. All prices are US only. PAYPAL only or Wells Fargo Money order only. I’m located in Castro Valley, CA.

Pink Capcom Minicute - $600 Pick up only
I really don’t want to sell this but I need to get rid of one of the Cutes. The wireing and everything in this cab is great.

Cosmetically, this cab is in great condition except for half the Capcom logo on the right side has been ripped.

Functionally, the screen does have issues. Sometimes the screen will be working nicely, but sometimes it will go from full screen to 1 scanline. I wish I had the time to fix it but I’ve been moving so much, I need to let this go.

CPS2 - Street Fighter Zero 3 A+B Board - $150 shipped in US only
Board is working in perfect condition. Not sure when the battery was last changed but I will test the board before shipping out. The board itself looks great also.

Naomi 1 with Capcom I/O +3 games - $300 Shipped
This is the Naomi board with Capcom I/O. Comes with all the wires. Works GREAT! Also comes with the fallowing games:
Capcom Vs. SnK
Project Justice 2

As usual thanks for looking!

Everything on hold already

Damn, I could have used that A3 board. Let me know if it is available.

honestly, if I didn’t buy a naomi setup a few weeks ago… I’d totally be all over this.

Really good price on that.

Everything sold