Greetings SRK.

I have a premade Happ Custom Arcade Stick for sale.

Painted MDF
IL/Happ Competition Stick and Buttons
PS1 PCB wired by Zombie Cpt.

Asking $110 Shipped anywhere in the US.

I would normally sell this for $130 shipped but I accidentally cracked the plexi around the jab button and the paint job is less than perfect. I really did not have the patience to make a new piece of plexi today. If you would like the plexi replaced, I can do that and the price will be $120 shipped anywhere in the US.

Also, if you would like the rightmost buttons to be R1/R2 or L1/R1, please let me know. Thanks for looking! Feel free to PM me with any questions.

so this can be programmed for both dc and ps2?


it will be wired for ps1/2, but if you want to send me a hacked DC pad i would be glad to install it for you.

there are 2 pictures, you might have them blocked :confused:

heres a link to my photobucket if that works for you.

Cool. Also just for the record here(and in case anyone is wondering):

I bought & paid for this stick last night through paypal :wonder: