SOLD! Thanks for looking!! Will have more in the next couple few weeks!!!

Looks solid dude!

Let’s see…numbers only slightly pulled out of ass, but here they are anyways…
$20 for shipping
$20 for JLF
$20 buttons (figuring 8 buttons at $2-3 each)
$30 for 360 pad
$20 for PS3 pad
$ 5 for PSX pad
$50 for T5 base
$ 2 for USB toggle switch

$167 in PARTS, not counting the lexan, wire, crimp QD’s (if present), whatever those blue LED looking things are, oh yeah, and LABOR.

I have no idea how you can stay in bid’ness; that sumbitch is a steal.

Man, there’s a part of me that really wants to buy this. If I didn’t have so many sticks already it’d be a no-brainer. Having a stick that works on ALL platforms would be slick as hell though.

Could you explain more about how all the cross-platform stuff works? Like, does it have cables coming out of the back for all the consoles? Or do you swap cables? And what about the extra buttons like Back/Home/Start on XBox/PS3?

PS: Give me the scoop on your EX2 mod too :wgrin:

sweet stick and gret compatibility. i would purchase this stick but i’ve made multiple major purchases this past week on srk so not right now :frowning:

Should charge at least $200 shipped for that stick man. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Don’t undersell yourself.

Very nice, PM sent about another modjob if you’re interested.

There are 2 cables coming out of the of the stick, one for the ps1/2 and usb cable for ps3/pc/xbox360. To use it for the ps 1/2, just plug it in the system, to use it for the ps3, flip the little toggle switch to the left side. To use it on the xbox360, flip the switch to the right. To use on the pc, flip the switch to either ps3 or xbox 360 depending on your preference of drivers.

It has 3 pcbs wired inside, an official ps1 digital pcb, madcatz xbox 360 pcb(the frogger one) and a custom pcb by Toodles for ps3(Toodles is the mofo’n man for making this possible!) Since I only installed 24mm button, on the xbox360, there is no back button(what is it used for anyways?) On the ps3 side, you press both the start/select button to activate the ps home button. And it works on ps2 games on the ps3 or at least it does on the older ones with the hardware support.

As far as the price goes, I don’t like charging too much for my work, just enough so I can pay for gas on my POS car. Plus this one is kinda my guinea pig to get some stuff worked out so the wiring inside is horrible(notice I didn’t post a wiring pic like I usually do =P) So if I do another, it will cost more.

I don’t like to talk too much about projects I haven’t completed yet since the plan might change as I work on them. But as far as the ex2 mod goes, I plan to change the surface mount green led on the guide button to blue(that part is certain as seen in the pic above.) Give the boring white shell my usual paint treatment and maybe get in touch with Kaytrim to see if he be willing to help me do a lighted balltop mod. That is the plan anyways and as you can tell, it nothing major, just cosmetic stuff to set it apart from the rest of the ex2. Again, this might change depending on how it comes along as I work on it.

Although, I have 3 sticks and I just spent $150 on modding them I am seriously considering buying this one. I’ve got a modded T5 I have only played on once. The compatibility of your mod is just too good to overlook.

So yea, I was dead wrong about the back button but thanks to Akuma001 for setting a noobie like me straight…

"vf5 = reset position in training mode
battle fantasia = used in record playback in training mode
sc4 = used in record playback in training mode
sf anniversary/most capcom games = soft reset (start+select)
snk fighting games = movelist menu/record playback

so yeah for record playback in most games its used with back+r1 to record and back+r2 for playback (something like that) its very useful to practice defense against say some canned string or creating combo videos or just basic practice to recognize offensive patterns."

That’s a lot of stuff and I already informed the potential buyer and figure that I post this useful info for other people to see in case they didn’t know like me. Again big thanks to Akuma001, who is one of the best stick modders in this community.

got any extra acrylic tops for sale?

stick looks sweeeet

I can probably get one done up this weekend for you if you like. I will pm you when I get it done.


Oh! How thick are the acrylic tops??

The one on it right now is about 3/32".

Hmm, that’s cool. With just themselves on the bare metal control panel, do they stick up very much from the plastic base’s lip?

They stick up almost the whole way since the top of the metal plate is almost flush with the plastic base.

Thanks for the reply, dude. :smile:

I’d be interested in buying an acrylic top!

Okay, I will try to one done this weekend, will PM you when it’s done. We can probably meet up at Union Landing if you don’t mind.