shameless bump…

If you still got this in a few weeks, I’ll probably buy it.

Hopefully I wont have it TOO long, lol. But yeah, let me know :wgrin:

Lol, Im supposed to be buying this for an ex for her b-day…But I’ll let you decide if I should do that haha. If not I’ll just buy it for myself. I’ll let you know later on.

Another shameless bump for price change!

Please don’t bump your thread for no reason. I know it says price dropping and I noticed you edited your thread after realizing it and you dropped it $1.

Just try not to do it again…:coffee:

Yeah, sorry about that. But I had to make it right. :slight_smile:

Wont happen again.

EDIT: Bumped for lowered price.

I know you’re not specifically wanting trades but check out my list anyways.

Yeah dude, sorry. I am tryin to pay off some of my SFIV stuff (TE sticks & KE games for each system lol)

thanks for looking and the bump tho:lovin:

Bumped for Price drop!

Tecmo Bowl Kickoff was sold.

Final price drop.

I’ll give you $70 for it.

I’ll give you 90 for it :3

For $160, you two can share it :woot:

Why is it 160 now? It says 140 in your OP, OMG SCAMMER!


…You know, I didnt think he was adding them up lol.