I have a brand new, never used Hori Real Arcade Pro: Arcana Heart edition stick for sale.

Trying to lessen my inventory a little.

I’m asking $190, shipping included to the continental USA. I don’t have to tell anyone here how rare these are, especially one still in its packaging.

The only thing I don’t have is the two cardboard pieces that hold the arcade stick while in the outer box.

Thanks for looking. Please reply with questions.

Looks great. Good luck with sale.

If you still have it by the middle of next month (I think I’ll be back on the 12th) I’ll give you 200 for it no problem. Otherwise, hope it finds a good home.

does it use quick disconnects or is it a soldered pcb?

Soldered pcb

According to the FAQ, they’re quick-disconnects:

*Arcana Heart HRAP:

  • Will be released October 11, 2007, around the time of PS2 port
  • Retails for 8,379 ?
  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK
  • Hori Buttons
  • Uses quick disconnects for the buttons for easy switching for Sanwa pushbuttons. UNCONFIRMED BUT LIKELY
  • Picture of Aino Heart with the logo on top
  • White/Pink colour scheme
  • Button layout is Seimitsu 2P side panel layout
  • Button placement:
    [] /\ O L2
    X L1 R1 R2

I’m not sure, though, as I’ve never opened this one.

That FAQ also mentions it “will be released” so it’s inaccurate. I can confirm that it’s actually soldered to the pcb.

yeah…looks like it was never updated. mirrors the japanese T5 I guess.

Is it still for sale?

I’ve never seen an HRAP clone stick use QD’s before (HRAP clone as in not the ACTUAL HRAP 1-3), I’d be surprised if this one did.

dam i wish had the money iv been looking for this for a long time good luck wih the sale

Yes. I’ll keep it listed here for another week or so, probably.

Can you hold it for me til the 31st?


Ugh, this may not happen, people who are supposed to buy my stuff are dropping out =(

I can keep it listed here until the 31st. If you want it for sure, just post here or PM me and I’ll close this thread.


Price drop to $190.