DreadedFist makes great work, +bump

Dreaded Fist is the truth.

I bought a stick from him two or three years ago and I’ve never found a stick that felt better.

A quetstion about the converter. To what does the converter convert to? Maybe interested in buying the converter seperately.


Willing to part with just the converter?

I’d prefer to sell it together for now. btw its $150 Canadian :bgrin:


150 canadian is like 125$ US

its really cheap lol

Somebody take this off my hands. Is it too expensive or something?

Its probably the local pick up only. That and everybody is having their sticks made now. When you’re ready, I’ll take that converter off your hands.

Lol that’s my thoughts exactly. I want the converter. :rofl:

So is this strictly pick-up? I’ve always wanted a DF stick before he retired. Also, does the converter have any lag when playing online?

eidt: wow…I just used alt+s to post. I need to close outlook.

lol I never said local pickup only. I just said it would be cool if it was local.

Nope, there’s no lag when playing offline so I really doubt there would be any online. The only game I tried online with it was tekken dr and that lagged like shit to begin with.

I’m not saying you said local pickup only, but the fact that you said you didn’t really know how to ship and prefer local pickup would deter some people from wanting to purchase.

Oh, and if you change the price to US dollars, it may strike a little more interest.

pm sent