Looking to sell my modded HRAP1. Asking for $90 without shipping. Only going to ship within U.S.

Mod includes:

Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate
Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton Snap-Ins x8 (2 Dark Blue, 3 Vermilion, 3 White)
Sanwa OBSF-24 Pushbutton Snap-Ins x2 (2 Dark Blue)
Sanwa LB-35 Joystick Ball Top (White)

I have removed the three bolts on the face plate for the reason that it was a pain in the ass to keep taking all the bolts off just to clean the QDs every so often so I decided to just keep the three easiest bolts to remove.

bump, price drop

bump, price drop

Do they come w/ QD’s? Is that an actual Sanwa stick or just a octagonal gate?

The HRAP comes with QD yes. A Sanwa JLF comes standard with the HRAP so yes it is also included

Why is noone jumping on this?

If this doesn’t sell within the month I know a dude who wants it.

Good luck on the sale!

Last question, does this have a plexi? What’s the shipping to 98506

It’s not plexi, I think it’s aluminum with a layer of plastic over it. Shipping is $10

I’ll definitely let you know if it hasn’t sold by Saturday. Thanks

Okay… not enough dang posts to PM you >_>;.

I’m interested in your stick. I’m the friend Tetsuya mentioned. If you still haven’t sold the stick, if you’re willing to hold it for me for a week or two, I’ll take it off your hands. Let me know.


Bump, Price Drop

Do you still have the square gate it came with?

Wow. I’m down for this. I just want to know the shipping costs to 92154.

The only other thing I’m concerned about is its compatibility (e.g. do any games need a PS2 controller or if there are converter issues). Sorry, I just never had a PS2 pad or stick before and just want to confirm.

If interested in buying go ahead and shoot a PM

No, I sold it a year ago

10$ Shipping, This stick is compatible with ps1 and ps2 systems. The only concern with converters would be if you wanted a ps2->next gen systems

In that case, is there a guaranteed way to get it on the PS3 without hunting down a Pelican?

Still interested.

Well nothing short of gutting the insides and buying a Cthulhu board if you really want a Pelican. I heard the Inpin converters work pretty well though

Wow. Do I ever feel stupid. I thought the HRAP1 was for the PS1.
Anyway this is just disguised as a meaningful post so I can bring my post count to 15 so I can PM you. >_>

It won’t let me reply to your PMs >_>;. Anyways, I now have the money in hand if you’re still selling it. It’s just a matter of how you would like it sent now. Let me know the total cost through a PM and how’d you like it if you still got it. Thanks.

Damn. I can’t believe it took so long to sell this gem. And at a hell of a cheap price too. Hopefully it’s sold.