haha my modded 360 had red lights and when I sent it to MS they shipped it back to me and said they couldn’t fix it because it was already opened. A few months later they sent a new one and an xbl subscribtion for some reason. yay for mistakes?

Anways gl with the sales.

dips on the controller. if i dont pay you within 24hours dont let me get it.

haha, nice! i think they’d notice a 2005 model from a pawn shop, but maybe if i get desperate or if the economy gets shitty enough i’ll try that. :slight_smile:

you gots pm, james

Where have I seen that Wartech? lol

Its worth at least $2.50 w/ my finger prints on it! :wgrin:

heh, if only i’d encased those fingerprints in resin and gotten a certificate of authenticity. :slight_smile:

What stick did you use the sniper with and its lagless?

since everyone’s gonna ask, i played on the sniper with a custom third party psx digital and yeah it was lagless, so i’m assuming it would be so for horis and hraps too despite wildly varying testimonials. there seem to be like 5 versions of this adapter too based on one my friend has that looks totally different (boxy and black) but has similar issues. i tested it with various first party dual shock pads and it worked ok, but i didn’t test those for endurance. basically the whole adapter stops reading after a few games and i have to replug it to be recognized. it seemed to happen while i was in the lobby spectating and after a couple freezes it worked for the rest of some 2+ hour long sessions. same thing in local matches with my friend using that weird ghetto xfps, crapped out a couple times in battle fantasia then worked for the rest of the night. it’s pretty random, but soldering gave me cancer. :slight_smile:

Oh ok well I just wonder since I just order the boxy and black xfps about 2 hr before you posted for the sniper xfps,prolly would of bought it oh well,just wanted to know. thanks!

heh, np. i’d never seen the boxy one til my friend bought it at some import place. and they’ve had 3 colors under “sniper” and “plus” names so far so i don’t even wanna know how many board revisions there’ve been so far if any. :slight_smile:

Sent a pm about the ms cable (component/composite)

pm replied

pm sent

all pm’s replied to

payment sent

You can’t do Senko no Rondo for $4 shipped now could you hehe :wink:

i could, but it would go 1st class or whatever pound-in-the-ass postage is. :slight_smile:

…and not debit paypal neither.

That would be fine, though what do you mean debit paypal?

sent ya a pm