[LEFT]Since I just got some new gear, I need to sell off some of my old stuff.

If you are planning on buying, PM me stating:
-Which item(s) you want to buy
-PayPal account name

My old feedback thread can be found here:

Feedback on eBay:


**Stock Madcatz TvC Fightstick parts - SOLD

  • 4 Blue MC Pushbuttons
  • 4 White MC Pushbuttons
  • Stock MC Joystick with Black Arrow Dustwasher

I’ll buy the 2 gig card in a couple days.

^ Cool, just PM me when you’re ready.

Added and removed some items.

EDIT: Planning on getting pictures (hopefully good quality) on all items listed this weekend.

Ok, I revamped my 1st post. New and cleaner pictures and reduced pricing on most items.

Sony 2 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo (MSX-M2GS) **has been sold.

Reduced prices on all items!

Added Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition Discs (XBOX 360) and Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra Soundtrack. Reduced prices yet again!

Ill take that chrono trigger orchestra album!

Added more items, Chrono Trigger CD is sold.

Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection are sold.

Added stock TvC fightstick parts for sale!


price drop

price dropped again


I’ll take the parts for 23 shipped. Can you wait till 7pm PST? When I get back from work.

Sure thing, I’ll put it on hold.

Pm me your paypal and I’ll get it out to you when I’m off work.

masturfader, I know.
I know. :wgrin: