I just got a new MVS cab today. I might interested, not sure if money is going to work out though. Will pm you later


How much for the 2k2 marquee?


I can vouch for Samurai1000, he is a beast. That KOF2002 is very tempting.


I was hoping to sell the kits with the marquees and posters as free extras with the kit. If things don’t sell I will most likely split things up.

Thanks for the nice words.
Because I like you I will take $10.00 off the KOF 2002 kit if you are interested.


Let me know if you decide to sell it separately. I already have a 2k2 cart.


Damn those are some of the best kits I have ever seen, have they ever even been inserted into an MVS? That Rage of the Dragons sure would go nicely with the kick ass supergun I bought from you way back.


They have been used once to test them.

I am very happy you like the Supergun. Thanks :smile:


Final price drop.