I’ll be getting the PS3 version but I definitely dont’ need the Ryu figure, DVD anime, or the soundtrack CD.

If any 360 players want them for $15+shipping I’ll preorder the collectors edition instead.


Yeah I’ll take it provided the extras come in separate cases. I’ll look into how its packaged

Looks like they do come in a separate case (at least the blue ray does).

dude im interested, when you get the CE let me know, also i would like to know if you are getting the Headband as well, ill pay a lil extra if you ship it with the original CE box as well with the headband. thanks.

I’m assuming you WILL wear the headband 24/7 right?

yeah man, now two of them, like makoto one in my head and one in my neck, LOL. no seriously, im going to do some trades locally with my friends.

Ninja edit: you know those crazy Naruto kids rigth? then you know what im talking about.

nm on the purchase. I realized that the outerbox wont fit my 360 version anyway. duh

EtotheNGSPD its all yours