Both sticks are stock and in working condition. $65 shipped each. Paypal only please.

do you have pics? lmk

Hey I am real interested in buying both, is the price negotiable?

I do have pics I’m trying to put them up right now. Sorry price is not negotiable.


I’ll buy both of your EX2 for $65 shipped each.
So $130 total.

I’ll Private Message you too.

Ok jdm714 is first in line.

damn, I would’ve liked to buy one.

Both DOA4 and VF5 Hori EX2 sold.
I bought them.

Payment sent.

Thank you Bare Knuckle 2.

Both sticks sold to jdm714.

Thanks to whoever neg repped me for selling these sticks at $65 each. I’m not exactly making much of a profit here at that price compared to the ones currently being sold on ebay

got you back in green. i mean the retail on the is like 50-60 you cant go wrong with the price.

I’ll pos rep you too when I’m able to do so. I wanted the sticks myself but am broke atm. It’s definitely a fair price.

Thank you for understanding sir_arthur and noontide.