I have a dreamcast for sale. I have soldered in a resistor and it works flawlessly. I just do not use it anymore. It will come with one VMU, one controller, and the power/av cables.

$35 + Shipping OR BEST OFFER



bump for price change


bump price.


Why did you solder a resistor into it? I assume this is a US region Dreamcast, right? I am sorta looking for another Japan-region one.


i think for the controller port that malfunctions or something?


yeah the controller port acted up since I used to power 2 perfect 360s. So I just put a larger one in and it works fine.

This is a US region dreamcast.


its one of the ones that can read burned games right? or is it a later model?


I don’t care.

And yes it played backed up/burnt games.


I still have this…


Good luck selling it buddy!


if i hadn’t already ordered one off amazon i’d jump on this. i LOVE dreamcast.

there isnt a broadband adapter on it is there? >_>


I’d be all over this if there wasn’t one sitting on the table next to me right now. Damn, I love this thing. =)


$35 and shipping!


wow, good price. i have too many though or else i would jump on this


hi adam


I would be interested in purchasing sending a pm


all deals have fell through.

This was made in June 2000 and is in great shape.


Hey man, I’m down to buy do you take paypal?


If another offer falls through, send me a pm.


I have a few dreamcasts I need to sell too. Various dates. Comes with 1 controller and all cables.

same price 35 each + shipping. US only. pm me.