125.00 Shipped. Paypal only. lower 48.

Huge lot here guys.I just don’t have the time any more. This is the first time I have logged in since last year.
All of this is going in one lot I will not be breaking it up.
2 unfinished aluminium cases
1 modded(still needs paint) Hori Ex2 case
7 Seimitsu skeleton buttons(the kind they dont make anymore)
7 Sanwa 30mm snap ins
4 Sanwa 24mm snap ins
2 Bubbletops (clear+violet)
2 Ps pcbs
1 X360 pcb
2 JLF wiring harness
I will be adding pics of everything when i get home…

interested! this first come first serve type of thing tomorrow?

EDIT: or will you be putting this on ebay?

Sent you a PM, thanks.

High offer in play: on hold

man, if only I wasn’t in Canada

lol so much for on sale 20 March 2pm central