Bought this from a dealer online, but being the picky player I am, I wasn’t thrilled with it. Feels a little light, the wires were soldered right to buttons rather than quick disconnects, and the hole for the joystick felt like it was wider than usual. I have no soldering materials and wanted to change the buttons from happ concaves to convexes so i suppose i’m selling it off. However, other than my personal gripes, the stick does play flawlessly and are perfect for players who want to play with happ parts right out of the box without doing any modding. I had no trouble pulling off Ultra combos in SF4 and the buttons have a nice responsive clicky sound without ever being too stiff. The box can be opened to press the menu button and is held closed by 2 pieces of velcro. The buttons are wired as such


*B is back and S is Start

Asking price: $85 + shipping. Thank you :china:

Edit: priority immediately goes to those who can pay me the fastest via paypal as i need to make a payment on something else and an e-check of mine doesn’t pull through until saturday >_O followed by who pmed me first. Already got the stick boxed up and am capable of shipping next day. Just making it $100 shipped


You take money orders?


Who was this dealer?


got it on ebay and sure i take money orders


OK, I’m considering your joystick, I’m waiting to hear back from other ppl selling their joysticks.


If you wanted to change to convex you could take the microswitches off the buttons, unscrew and put new buttons on, then put the microswitch back in


if the 360 controller is common ground i’ll take it with immediate paypal payment.


Looks like it was built into something you’d find in my grandma’s attic


if you look at the picture you can tell it is common ground


wish it had the start back guide buttoons on the side i would of copped it


You can still change the buttons, the microswitches are removable, so you can just stick them on the new buttons.


I am interested in buying your joystick. Please PM me your email because I can’t PM people just yet.


PMed about new price


Darn, missed it