i’ll buy it please pm paypal

EDIT: LOL i just bought something else from you didn’t i? haha.

lol Nick I think you put a little too low of a price tag on that :stuck_out_tongue: I could have pointed you towards one of the ten people e-mailing me every day looking to order for 65ish.

ill take if the guy doesnt buy

I’ll take it if the other 2 people drop out

I am just wondering if you sold it yet because i am also interested in buying it.

Wow, popular item.

Paypal sent. Please check your PM.

Ouch, wished I had snatched this up, amazingly low priced

Gah, I’ll pay immediately through Paypal if everyone else flakes.

I’m gonna go with the first offer. So sorry guys, but sold.

And yeah I know it’s a crazy low price. I have no problem with giving someone a good deal on it since I just want to get rid of it.