Hey all, so I’ve decided to sell these two sticks, I’m getting some replacements for them soon enough and I don’t have room to keep these.

Namco PS1 Stick.


Next up is a Hori Fighting Stick 3 PS3 fully modded to Sanwa.


PM/Post in thread! I prefer US buyers only please.

Btw, I take paypal, I’ll also take check/MO but I’ll have to wait to receive the MO or the check clears.


price bump. Also I’ll throw in the ps2->ps3 convertor with the namco, I think it’s a little laggy.


Is there any way I can get that FS3 to work with a XBOX360 that is not the Sniper/Scope (can remember the name now) thing that’s $98? Changin the PCB is not the kind of answer Im looking for since Im not very good with tools :stuck_out_tongue:

IF there is I might be very interested in that FS (hope there is).


Namco stick was one of the best stick ever made. Very rare you see them for sale espcialy for so cheap. What kind of payments you take?


Ah sorry about that, I’ll take Paypal, or MO if you want to wait til I get it. And I suppose check, but I’ll have to wait til it clears.

And I don’t think there’s a proper PS3 -> 360 converter yet sorry, DrOoo


whats ur paypal email pmed you must not have seen


Pm’ed ya back.


Price drop bump


hey bruh, is that for ps3? where r you located? im in sd


It is indeed for PS3 and I am located in Brooklyn.


Bought the modded Fight Stick 3 and it works perfectly. Thanks Elementalor for allowing me to pick it up, oh and for not killing/robbing me NY may have changed afterall:rofl: